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Exhibitions & Showcases

Current Showcases

The Chapel Gallery provides around twenty exhibitions and showcases each year. Our current programme of showcases is below.

Click to enlarge: Ormika - Zoe Richards
Ormika: 18 September - 2 November 2013
by Zoe Richards
Artist Zoe Richards in partnership with Love Ormskirk portrays Ormskirk Businesses as you have never seen them before. Inspired by her wholehearted love for her local town and the hard work involved in Turning Ormskirk Around.

Click to enlarge: Michael Goodwin
Michael Goodwin: 6 November - 4 January 2014
Over the years Michael’s work has evolved to a more considered and detailed illustrative style. He works mainly in pen and ink, black and white, but increasingly adds coloured highlights.

An exhibition full of wit and charm that will tease a smile from the most reluctant onlooker.

Click to enlarge: Making It 2!
Making It 2: 8 January - 1 March 2014
This is an amazing show that includes artwork created by individuals from Learning Stars, Galloway’s and West Lancashire Community High, while working with artists Angie Thompson, Julie James Turner and Louise Wood. Artists and participants shared their skills, expertise and experiences. This project was funded by WLBC and ACE.

Click to enlarge: Sue Bradbury
Sue Bradbury: 5 March - 26 April 2014
Sue Bradbury has a passion for colour, shape and design that is realised in these exquisite collages. Her inspiration is drawn from the world around us, not least those wild and domestic animals that share our world. Specialising in collage each piece is truly individual and captivating.

Click to enlarge: Darren Wilson
Darren Wilson: 7 May - 28 June 2014
Darren Wilson’s work centres around wildlife and rural and urban landscapes from the North West of England. He strives to capture the mood and expression of a scene or subject while maintaining the beauty of the environment.