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Once Upon a Time



Once Upon a Time illustration by Angie Thompson
Once Upon a Time:
Short Story and Poetry Competition


Prize Winners:


A Modern Fairy Tale – Adult Category

First: Rose and the Woodcutter – Heather Leach ( Manchester)
Second: Sweet Home – Carys Bray (Southport)
Third: Tallulah the Drama Queen – Rosamund Fleming (Lydiate)

A Modern Fairy Tale – Junior Category

First: A Prince’s View – Abigal McEvoy (St Helens)
Second: A Christmas Tale – James Bruce Page (Leigh)
Third: It always starts with Once Upon a Time… – Harriet Jasmon (Burscough)

A Winter Poem – Adult Category

First: A Snowflake – David Pryle (Bolton)
Second: Winters Optimism – Joyce Reed (Stockport)
Third: Winter Geometry – Don Nixon (Wolverhampton)

A Winter Poem – Junior Category

First: Winter – Lottie Buchanan (Esher, Surrey)
Second: White Gunshot – Harry Draper ( Formby)
Third: Cat Prints in the Snow – Esme Moszynska (London)


Please note that all submissions are copywrited on behalf of the writer.


Adult Submissions:
Short Stories


Carina O'Reilly - The Tale of Three Little Pigeons

Carys Bray - Sweet Home

Deborah Hitchen - Think Pig

Elle May Bradley - The Tale of Chesterfield

Emma Pollard - Tales From the Hood

Heather Leach - Rose and the Woodcutter


Judith Finch - If the shoe fits


Khalid Patel - Lil Red Rides Da Hood


Petra McQueen - Britains got Talons


Phillippa Rae - The Magic Pencil


Rod Bull - Amanda and the Rocks


Rosamund Fleming - Tallulah the Drama Queen


Adult Submissions:


Shortlisted Poems - Adults


Junior Submissions:
Short stories


Abigail McEvoy - A Princes View


Harriet Jasmon - It always starts with Once upon a time...


James Bruce Page - A Christmas Tale


Lorreta Davis - Infliction


Tiegan Sinead Byrne - Starlight Pearl


Junior Submissions:


Shortlisted Poems - Junior